'Our long term sickness absence was extremely high at 17%. Within a year of using Health Management, we were able to reduce this to 5%'.

Strategic HR Partner, Regional Housing Association
  • Reducing Employee Absence

    In just over a year, we've helped one of the UK's largest accountancy and auditing businesses to reduce the average length of an open case from 118.1 working days to 40.5.

    Our expert medical advice is focused on reducing absence at work. Through early intervention and active case management, our clients have seen their average working days lost (AWDL) drop by 15-30% within the first two years of working with us. Our quality advice and support will help to prevent re-referrals and improve the health and efficiency of your workforce.

  • Implementing Our Services

    In less than eight weeks from receipt of signed contracts, we launched two OH contracts for FTSE 100 businesses simultaneously - accounting for more than 225,000 employees.

    Our customer service team are carefully trained to provide your business with a smooth and hassle-free transition to Health Management. In 2012 alone, we helped 90 private and public sector businesses to outsource their Occupational Health service. Whatever the size of your employee force, we’ll make sure our services are implemented quickly and efficiently.

  • Reducing Mental Health Cases

    Since we introduced comprehensive case management and psychological support, an international financial services firm – one of the UK's largest – has had no claims against their Group Income Protection for long-term sick cases.

    Our work has also resulted in a 90% drop in long-term mental health cases – and no claims on Permanent Health Insurance schemes for mental health. This alone has saved our client nearly £2.5 million a year – a huge return on investment.

  • Reducing The Cost Of OH Services

    We've recently worked with two London boroughs to shrink their budgets by around 20%. We did this by creating a new OH delivery model, personalising on-line referrals and by ensuring our admin teams worked to strict service level agreements.

    Value for money is important to us, and we work to keep your annual OH costs as low as possible. By developing long-term relationships with our clients, our OH services often result in a decline of long-term sick cases, which reduces the need for ongoing OH expenditure.