• Our Primary Care Services

    Your employees can meet with our highly qualified GPs and nurses both on-site and at our clinics - saving time out of the office.

    We offer a full range of private medical services - including General Practice consultations, family planning, travel health appointments and vaccinations. We can also provide onward referral to hospital specialists and physiotherapists as well as counselling and psychology services.

  • Health and wellbeing assessments

    We have a choice of health assessments which check general health and wellbeing and can nip any potential problems in the bud.

    Afterwards, your staff will receive a detailed, personalised report containing their test results - and any recommendations to change their lifestlye for the better. Our consistent and thorough approach encourages healthy behaviour throughout your organisation, helping to reduce staff absence.   

  • Appointments at City of London clinic

    Your staff in London can book appointments with trusted GPs at our City office, where we also offer a full range of private treatment services.

    Our services are available to all employees - including those who cover their own costs. Having a corporate GP not only draws a significant return on investment - it's also one of the most popular benefits among staff. To find out more, or to make an appointment, please get in touch or telephone 0845 504 0215