'This is quite possibly the best report on a medical condition that I have ever read - it was detailed and doesn't just give standardised responses... Thank you very much'.

HR Manager, National Telecom & Media Business
  • Absence management

    Our Consultant-led team focus on early intervention, executing tried-and-tested approaches that will help to safeguard your employees’ health and get them back on their feet as quickly as possible.

    Our strategies will give you the confidence to manage your employees more decisively. We’ll develop coordinated plans so your staff can return to work as soon as possible. Your dedicated occupational health advisor or physician will also work with you to monitor, assess, follow-up and report on any absenteeism.

  • Medical advice

    Acting as your organisation's Chief Medical Officer (CMO), your Consultant will lead your internal teams, reviewing, reporting and advising on your risk management and wellbeing programmes and policies.

    They can also train your managers, heads of department and HR teams in identifying – and controlling – employee absence. Unsure about any new legislation or protocols? Your CMO has the expertise and experience to guide your organisation, while minimising the risk of employee litigation.

  • Onsite services

    Supported by our head office teams, our occupational health advisors will manage your organisation's health surveillance programmes, workstation assessments and case assessments.

    Depending on the size of your business, we can assign one nurse, one day a week - or a team of nurses in-house, every day. Or if you prefer, your employees can visit any one of our clinics throughout the UK.