Making our website available to everyone

We've designed our website so that it's accessible to all visitors – regardless of disability or internet-browsing software.

Alternative text

We've added alternative text to any images that convey important information. There is no alternative text for images that are purely for design purposes.

Page structure

We've used header elements to convey page structure.

Font sizes

We've used style sheets and relative font sizes on all text – except for graphical text. To change the size of the text, please select the "View" option in your browser.


We don't convey any information exclusively using colour.

Internet browsers

Our site will work in these browsers (on both PCs and Macs):

  • Internet Explorer 8 and 9
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Chrome

W3C compliance

We've built our website using valid HTML and CSS, in line with W3C guidelines.

Can't access our site?

Please let us know and we'll sort out any problems as soon as possible.